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Fibre Flex
  • An easy-to-use non-toxic compound for waterproofing parapets, flat roofs, roof tiles, walls, gutters, water features and fish ponds.
    • Fibre Flex is an ideal compound for repairing old acrylic and membrane systems that have over time begun to leak.
    • Fibre flex has a built-in membrane so an additional membrane is generally not required (except for areas susceptible to significant movement).
    • In areas of long-term ponding (ponds and water features) or on impervious concrete Fibre Flex should be used in conjunction with Hypercrete primer.
    • In permanent ponding applications seven rain-free days curing time is needed. Drying time depends on ambient temperature and humidity.
    • On non-ponding porous surfaces a 50% product and water dilution or a bonding liquid, is recommended as a priming coat.
    • Do not use to overcoat bitumen waterproofing systems.
    • Ensure compatibility when applying a waterproofing compound over existing unknown products.
    • Not recommended where exposure to negative water pressure is present.
    • Not recommended for swimming pool or fibre glass applications.
    • Easy clean up with water.
    • Available in 8 colours.